Blacksmith noun: A person who makes and repairs things in iron by hand.

- Oxford English Dictionary

Blacksmith Boyd Walton prides himself on using a range of traditional and modern techniques to create pieces that are both decorative and functional.

He uses a range of traditional and modern techniques, such as forging, welding and fabrication, to manufacture a range of products – from ornamental steelwork such as railings, gates and curtain rails to candlesticks, tealight holders and paper knives.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift or something for your home, Boyd can create a bespoke item either from his design portfolio or to your specifications.

As well as traditional blacksmithing work, Boyd also makes sidebars and fold-down beds for Volkswagen T4 and T5 vans.

Please feel free to browse examples of his work on the website and contact him to discuss your individual requirements.